High-productivity toolkit for predictions.

AutoML for time series on any desktop, laptop, or server.

No code. No cloud. No specialized hardware.

Machine Intelligence that just works.

A ground-up rethinking of software architecture allows CPU laptops and desktops running Monument to compete with GPU-enabled machines and cloud-based AI toolkits.

Getting started is as easy as downloading your favorite apps. Stop spending on expensive machine hardware, wrangling open-source dependencies, and worrying about the security and privacy problems of cloud analytics.

Drag-and-drop your business data and parameterize algorithms without teams of programmers and data scientists.

Capabilities you can't find anywhere else.

Cutting Edge

Use industry-leading prediction methods for big, high-dimensional data supported by state-of-the-art AutoML.

Designed for tabular data, with first-class handling for time-series.

Secure & Private

Rest assured that data never leaves your four walls. That makes security, legal, and regulatory compliance easy.

No offsite storage of private data or exposing your data to network security risks.


Enjoy industry-leading algorithmic performance while running on off-the-shelf processor hardware.

Double-click desktop installation scales up to enterprise servers or out to Internet-of-Things and mobile devices.

How does Monument compare?

Finely-Crafted Performance Engineering

Our team comprises analysts, engineers, developers, and executives with deep experience in data analysis, high-performance computing, and analytical decision-making.

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